Walking is a great way to improve health, fitness and mobility while protecting the environment.

Pedestrian programs are designed to improve walking conditions in urbanized areas by making traffic signals work better for pedestrians, reducing crossing distances where possible, repairing and improving sidewalks, reviewing proposed developments to make sure they are as pedestrian-friendly as possible, and encouraging landscaping and building designs that make walking pleasant.

Pedestrian Programs:

Kids Walk-to-School  

Celebrate International Walk to School Month and join communities across the United States and in more than 35 countries to promote health, safety, and family and school connections.

International Walk to School Month.  Walk to school month celebration in October allows more communities around the US and world to participate in more ways.  Walk to School activities can last for a day, a week, a month or for the entire year. In the USA , the focus is on Walk to School Day and communities are encouraged to participate for the length of time that is right for them. Please visit www.walktoschool.org for more event ideas.


Registration www.walktoschool.org/register. Registration is free and available to individuals or organizations holding a Walk to School event. By registering, users have access to a variety of downloadable materials, including certificates, templates for printing stickers and a frequent walker punch card. In advance of Walk to School Day, registrants will also receive an e-newsletter with tips and resources on holding a Walk to School event.


The National Center for Safe Routes to School of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center serves as the national coordinating agency for Walk to School activities in the US.  For more information on Walk to School activities in the US , please visit www.walktoschool.org. To see who is already registered for the event in the US , please visit www.walktoschool.org/who.

Where to walk in the Triad

Is your community walkable? (PDF)

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